An elevator company in Guangzhou

GDB series plate brake assembly line: 1, high precision assemblyrequirements; 2, two robots, 12 grippers, and peripheral equipment to completethe complex assembly process; 3, A system that can assemble 4 differentproducts; 4, use of visual system to identify and locate accurately.

Flexible production: it is controlled by intelligent program, when alink is assembled wrong, the system will correct itself. Ensure unmannedoperation smoothly.

Assembly mechanism: according to the product process flow, designfeeding mechanism, blanking mechanism, assembly unit and testing mechanismintegration equipment.

Non-standard gripper:Non-standard gripper design, matching process requirements. Maximize therobot's tempo. To ensure the equipment utilization rate.


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Company addressNo.8, Yongda Road, Hongqi Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City
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